“Show Me the Money” in professional theatre

I just want to continue to uplift Jesse Green’s recent series in the New York Times. His latest piece “After a Long, Starring Run, Will Racism at Last Get the Hook?” continues to thoughtfully interrogate the many complexities of theatre making in this country. I have so many thoughts on all of it, which include many conflicting perspectives from my point of view as a woman producer – to my experiences as a writer, director, and teacher. Right now, I’m so grateful for time to listen and reflect. I hope influential theatre leaders will be disciplined enough to listen, and be granted the grace (and resources!) to thoughtfully and inclusively act. Also LOVE this quote from the article by Artistic Director of Long Wharf Theatre, Jacob G. Padrón.

“Show me your budget,” Padrón said, “and I’ll show you your values.”

Oooo! YES!

Cheers and courage to all my colleagues doing the work. We are in a moment, which is where theatre lives best.

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