Robert Icke’s “Oresteia” at the Park Avenue Armory Blew My Freaking Mind  

I’ve worked 20 years in the theatre and I don’t believe I’ve ever had to actively self-soothe myself by saying, “This is just a play.  This is just a play.”  I had to work to DISTANCE myself from a 3,000 year old play.  Utterly astounding show. 

Also check out my short play, “Helen at the Gym” which blends the words of Odysseus with the diary of mass shooter who murdered 9 women less than a mile from home.  In this Red Bull Shorts award Winning play heroes and monsters become entangled in mythic misogyny and modern tragedy.

I love this review of Robert Icke’s “Orestia” in the NYTimes “Oresteia’ Review: A Mother’s Grief, Underestimated” 

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